To ensure that your business is protected financially, it’s important to have a commercial insurance package which includes public liability insurance. Public liability insurance is an essential cover for almost all businesses and protects you financially if you cause damage to property or injury to a person as a result of your actions at work. However, there are certain scenarios that your liability insurance won’t cover. Let’s take a look!

Injury or damage to employees

Your liability insurance doesn’t offer protection to employees if they become injured as this is covered through workers compensation insurance. It also won’t protect their property, such as tools or vehicles, if they’re damaged at work.

Business property

Just like employee property isn’t covered through your liability insurance, the same goes for property which is owned by the business. If an employee damages a work vehicle or if your equipment is damaged onsite, this won’t be claimable on your public liability insurance.

Unlawful or deliberate behaviour

Public liability insurance covers you for accidental damage and injury but if the insurer determines that there was an unlawful activity or deliberate behaviour involved in a claim, you won’t be covered.

Punitive damages

In some cases, additional damages can be awarded by the court if your behaviour was particularly negligent. In these cases, your liability insurance won’t provide cover. You’re also unlikely to be covered if taxes or fines are applied following a liability claim.


If an incident involves asbestos material, this won’t be covered with public liability insurance. If you work in an environment where you’re likely to come across asbestos, you’ll need to take out separate cover.


Public liability insurance won’t cover you for pollution-related damage or injury resulting from things such as leaking pipelines, water contamination and other hazardous waste emissions. This type of activity would be covered by a separate policy.

Ask your broker

If you’re unsure about the exclusions attached to your public liability insurance, you can take a closer look at your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to ensure you’re not caught out at claim time. For an easier way to gain insight into your cover, touch base with your insurance broker. They can walk you through your policy and make sure you’re clear on the inclusions and exclusions.

At GSK Insurance Brokers, we provide personalised insurance solutions, including public liability, for businesses of all sizes. We’re the experts in business insurance and will identify and analyse your areas of risk to develop an insurance package which protects you into the future. When you choose us, you’ll have a dedicated broker so you have a single point of contact for all of your insurance-related issues.

For public liability insurance in Perth, contact GSK Insurance Brokers today at (08) 9478 1933 or visit our website for a public liability online quote.

August 19, 2019

By Graham Knight

Founder and Managing Director of GSK Insurance (established in 1981). Graham draws upon more than 50 years’ experience in the insurance industry, working in both insurance and broking across various private, public and government sectors in Australia.

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