Cargo / Carriers Liability

Transportation of goods and livestock is a critical component of Australian business and it is important to protect your customer’s stock.

Carriers Insurance protects transport operators for loss or damage to their customers’ goods or livestock. The insurance is covered against client contracts or consignment notes and is a relatively inexpensive way for the

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Who should consider it?

If you own a business that transports customer goods around the country, it’s important to have an insurance package that covers both your vehicle and cargo for damage.

What can it cover?

Depending on your individual situation, Cargo Carriers Liability Insurance cover can be extended cover to include delay, loss of market or consequential loss caused solely by loss or damage to the insured goods or livestock.

Cover for Cargo Carriers Liability is typically offered in three key sections:

  • Carriers Legal Liability as Principal Carriers which includes cover for Errors and Omissions (delay and mis-delivery when carried under approved consignment note terms and conditions.
  • Carriers Legal Liability as a Subcontractor which is a unique offering of Legal Liability for Subcontractors when operating under a Principal’s terms and conditions of carriage.
  • Carriers Compensation (All Risks) Cover for all goods in your care custody or control.
What isn't covered

There are exclusions. There is also often a deductible or excess and limits on cover, so check with your GSK insurance broker.

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