Insurance Program Review

A review of your existing insurance program by an alternative insurance broker can help determine if your business has the appropriate risk transfer solutions in place

Engaging GSK Insurance Brokers in a complimentary insurance program review can assist to identify coverage deficiencies, evaluate potential coverage improvements, review the adequacy of limits purchased and evaluate alternative insurer options. In some instances, a review might simply confirm that a current insurance program needs no adjusting. However, if potential gaps are exposed then appropriate action can take place to mitigate these risks.

With our extensive insurance knowledge built from years of experience our insurance program review we can provide:

  • Identification of coverage deficiencies through a comprehensive risk assessment including a thorough gap analysis
  • Reassess program limits to provide objective peer analytics and data to help support insurance purchase decision-making
  • Improvement of overall insurance program structure to enhance coverage as it relates to the scope of available coverages in the marketplace
  • Information related to alternative insurer options as new insurers and capacity are made available in the marketplace
  • Appropriate strategies to help reduce or eliminate insurable risks
  • Review and drafting of insurance product documentation thereby improving the quality of information presented to insurers
What is needed for a coverage review

An insurance program review will take approximately a week and requires copies of existing insurance policies (information such as premium amounts can be retracted as desired). Once the analysis is complete, the findings will be shared with you in-person during a 30-45 minute meeting.

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