Protecting your business with hotels, pubs and hospitality insurance

Hospitality is a broad sector with businesses facing a diverse range of risks whether you operate accommodation, provide entertainment or serve food and beverages, each hospitality business is unique and so too are their risks.

At GSK we specialise in insurance packages for pubs, hotels, nightclubs, taverns and bars across Australia. We understand the high risk environment that you operate in and offer customised insurance solutions to address your risk exposures. We have experience providing hotels, pubs, and hospitality insurance and are able to negotiate competitive terms on your behalf.

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What do you need to know about insurance for hotels?

When you own a business in the hospitality industry, you’re responsible for the safety and wellbeing of staff and customers as well as managing the logistics of operating out of a commercial property. That’s no small task and carries a number of risks. One of the main exposures facing your industry is the potential for injury. Whether it’s an employee injuring themselves while carrying cartons or a customer being injured by a broken glass, these incidents of damage or injury can result in a costly claim with financially devastating results. There are also the potential risks associated with damage or theft, as well as environmental factors such as storm damage. In the hospitality industry, you also need to consider the potential for equipment breakdown which can cause serious interruptions to the business.

Who should consider insurance for hotels?

From pubs, bars and nightclubs to hotels, casinos and resorts, there is a huge amount of diversity in the hospitality industry. At GSK, we understand that no two businesses are the same and we take the time to expertly analyse your risks to ensure a custom insurance package, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Our team of senior brokers can help you navigate the risks associated with your dynamic industry whether you run Kiosks or Café, Pub or Club we can help you protect your business.

What can insurance for hotels cover?

At GSK, we’ll tailor your insurance cover depending on the needs of your business. Some of the factors which will impact on the type of policies you need include the size of type of your business and if you have employees working for you. Hotels, pubs and hospitality through GSK can offer the following cover:

What isn't covered by insurance for hotels?

The exclusions that will apply to your hotels, pubs and hospitality insurance package will depend on your specific policy and it’s important that you understand the cover limitations. For more information, speak to your GSK broker.

GSK Insurance Brokers have developed strong relationships with our clients across Australia due to our focus on personalised customer service. We work for you, not the insurer, and our industry knowledge means that we’re able to access the best cover at an affordable price.

To get a quote on a hotels, pubs and hospitality insurance package, contact GSK Insurance Brokers today.

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