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Specialised insurance cover for pilot vehicle drivers

Pilot vehicle drivers play an important safety role by giving motorists advanced warning about upcoming oversized or hazardous loads. Not only do they provide an advanced warning system, but they may also be required to advise on route selection and direct traffic. With the complex nature of your work, it’s essential that pilot drivers have the correct level of insurance in place given the unique set of risks that you face.

GSK Insurance Brokers have experience working with pilot vehicle drivers and we work with your business to develop a specialised insurance package which suits your needs.

What do you need to know?

GSK Insurance Brokers have a team of experienced, senior brokers with an understanding of your business. Not only do we take care of the initial stages of taking out insurance, we also step in at claim time to ensure that the matter is settled with minimal impact on you and your business. We identify every risk to your business for robust insurance cover which is customised according to your needs. Due to our capabilities with risk management, we have the background to provide a solution that fits.

Who should consider it?

Pilot drivers face a number of risk exposures which could potentially result in costly claims. It’s not just safety issues on the road that you need to be aware of – there are a number of third party liabilities which are very different to the risks faced by drivers of private or fleet vehicles. Should damage or injury occur as the result of negligence on the part of a pilot driver, they could find themselves liable. Having the right insurance cover in place can protect pilot drivers against the financial implications of a claim associated with personal injury, property damage or financial losses while carrying out your work.

What can it cover?

Given the specialised nature of your work as a pilot vehicle driver, the cover you require will depend on your specific situation. GSK Insurance Brokers have the necessary experience to provide you with expert advice so you can be confident that you have the correct level of insurance. Some of the forms of cover you need to consider as a pilot driver include:

  • Motor Vehicle
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Personal Disability
  • Workers Compensation
What isn't covered?

The exclusions that will apply to your pilot vehicle drivers insurance package will depend on your specific policy and it’s important that you understand the cover limitations. For more information, speak to your GSK broker.

At GSK Insurance Brokers, our commitment to customer service means that you’ll have a dedicated insurance broker to guide you through the process. We’re passionate about providing custom made insurance solutions to our clients across Australia. Let us insure your success!

To find out more about the pilot vehicle drivers insurance packages we offer, contact GSK Insurance Brokers today.

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