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GSK Insurance Brokers, established in 1981 are one of Australia’s leading providers of risk management, insurance, claims advocacy and workers’ compensation related advice. Our client proposition is built upon deep specialist knowledge, client’s best interest, tailored advice and service excellence.

Drawing on 40 years of experience in the Australian insurance marketplace, our clients are those that seek competitively priced, personal service with structured risk and insurance programs tailored specifically to meet their needs. Our focus is to ensure that we continuously deliver risk mitigation solutions that provide our clients with a confidence knowing their business and personal assets are well protected.

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We are more than a insurance provider: we're an extension of your business, placing your interests first. Always.


GSK Insurance Brokers have become one of Australia’s leading insurance brokers. We always aim to do what is right for our clients, our colleagues, our industry and our community.


We focus on growing in specialist areas where we have deep knowledge and experience; understanding of the risks involved; first rate transactional capability; and market standing, contacts and reputation.


Engage with specialist insurance broker perth dedicated to the ongoing development of your risk programme, inspired by a deeply aligned, clear understanding of your business and the changing world.


We believe every client’s risk is different. That's why we spend time getting to know your business and how you operate. This results in a delivering tailored risk and insurance protection for your unique needs.

Learn about our Financial Service Offering

Without the necessary planning in this area your business, business associates and your family may be exposed to unnecessary financial risk. Buy or sell, Partnership Insurance, Asset, Loan & Revenue Protection, Group Policy, Group Superannuation.

If you are looking for ways to make your money work harder for you there will be numerous investment options available however not all will be appropriate for your stage of life or needs. A bit of discipline in combination with a tailored plan, can help you build a solid financial future.

Superannuation can be an effective tool to secure your financial future in retirement therefore it is vital to regularly review your superannuation account and contributions to ensure you are on track. We can help you build a nest egg to achieve your desired retirement goals.

Planning for your retirement can’t start early enough. Taking some simple yet clever steps when you are starting out, during the peak of your earning capacity and as you near retirement is important to ensure your retirement income is structured to suit your needs and objectives.

Comprehensive Life, Disability, Trauma and Income Protection insurance to help protect your income and your assets. We will work with you to determine the right type and level of cover to suit your individual circumstances.

Accomplishing your financial objectives in the most tax-efficient manner is an integral part of the financial planning process. There are numerous tax effective strategies that may be appropriate for your individual circumstances to enhance your tax, retirement and wealth objectives.

Managing cash flow is a critical factor whether you are building wealth, reducing debts or increasing savings. No matter how old you are or how much money you have establishing good cash flow management is can assist you to meet your financial goals, reduce debt and create wealth.

The entitlements received from the Age Pension or other Government benefits can have an impact on your standard of living in pre-retirement or post retirement. Understanding and structuring these funds in order to maximise your income stream can provide significant advantages.

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I have known Marcus professionally for some years now. He has been my trusted financial adviser for all that time. I can’t speak highly enough for his knowledge of financial strategy and products complimented by his sound advice and management. He is to me, success driven and highly professional.

Laurie Johnson JP

GSK have been incredibly responsive. Graham and the team always give expert advice. It is good to use one company to handle our business and personal insurances because of the continuity of service and convenience of dealing with a single consultancy.


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