Workers Compensation Reviews

At GSK we have the depth of experience to guide and support our clients through the Injury Management and Workers’ Compensation Review process from beginning to end. Our designated workers’ compensation specialist works with all GSK clients to remove the uncertainty and stress of managing workplace injuries, providing support in an advisory and in some circumstances, a hands-on or outsourced capacity.

We adopt a team based approach to all claims, working closely and in conjunction with all key stakeholders to ensure the best outcome is achieved in all cases of workplace injury. We advocate for our client, acting for and on their behalf, providing reassurance and confidence that they can continue to focus on running their business whilst knowing their injured workers are being cared for and their workers’ compensation risks are being addressed.

GSK empowers our clients to create a better, safer workplace for their employees, reducing the frequency and severity of injuries which in turn, improves their workers’ compensation performance. This results in significant premium savings and promotes a safety culture within our clients business that others strive to achieve.

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