Protect your risk exposures with tailored transportation and logistics insurance

For 40 years GSK have been designing transport insurance and risk management solutions for our clients in the Transport Industry offering a range of customised solutions. Whether it be for an owner operator or large fleet we can tailor an insurance program to suit your individual requirements.

We understand the commitment you have both to your business and to your customers and take pride in delivering comprehensive, innovative and cost effective solutions to protect you from risk and uncertainty.

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What do you need to know about Transport and Logistics Insurance?

The range of risks for which any particular operator will vary significantly depending on the nature and scale of your business. Optimising insurance cover is a skill involving an understanding of the transport and logistics industry and knowledge of the risk environment in which it operates.

At GSK Insurance Brokers, our team of brokers include experts in motor transport and logistics, with decades of experience handling the often complex assessment of risk to provide optimal protection. With access to Australian and world insurance markets, we’re able to offer cover at a competitive price.

When do you need Transport and Logistics Insurance?

Whether you operate a large national fleet or are an owner-driver, and whether you store goods or only transport them, you should have a range of insurance covers to protect your workers, safety and commercial risks.

What can Transport and Logistics Insurance cover?

The cover that will be included under your transportation and logistics insurance will depend on your requirements. GSK can offer cover to include:

  • Windscreen Cover
  • Non-Owned Trailer Cover
  • Downtime Cover
  • Automatic Accessory Cover
  • Freight Transportation
  • Warehousing and Storage

What’s not covered?

The exclusions attached to your transportation and logistics insurance will depend on your specific policy and it’s important that you understand the cover limitations. For more information, speak to your GSK broker.

GSK Insurance Brokers lead in the industry when it comes to custom insurance solutions for your business. We take the time to understand the unique risks facing your business and fit your cover depending on your needs. Our focus is on the client so we can make insurance as easy as possible for Australian businesses.

For transportation and logistics insurance, contact GSK Insurance Brokers today.

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