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Protect your peace of mind

When life takes an unexpected turn due to accident or illness, the weight of financial worries should be the last thing on your mind. Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance ensures that if you’re unable to work and earn an income due to sickness or injury, you and your loved ones are protected.

In the face of potential medical expenses, months without pay, and the uncertainty of returning to your previous occupation, this insurance provides peace of mind with a lump sum payout, regardless of your work status. Which means you have time to focus on recovery and your loved ones.

What can Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance cover?

We’ve joined forces with Australia’s top insurance providers to bring you personalised insurance solutions for your well-being and financial security. This can include:

Loss of Income Protection

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Return to Work Assistance

Transport To And From Work

Icon for Protection in event of accidental death

Protection In Event Of Accidental Death

What’s at risk?

Personal Accident and Sickness Insuranceis essential for financial security during unforeseen accidents or illnesses. It provides income replacement, covers medical expenses, and eases the burden of recovery costs, ensuring you and your loved ones remain financially stable when you need it most.

Here are some risks you need to be aware of:

Icon for Loss of income

Loss of Income

When illness or injury prevents you from working, it can lead to a loss of income, which can be be difficult to manage. Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance provides financial support by replacing a portion of your income during this period.

Medical expenses

In the event of an accident or sickness, medical bills can quickly accumulate. This insurance can help cover the cost of medical treatments, hospital stays, and related expenses, reducing the financial burden on you and your family.

Icon for Rehabilitation costs

Rehabilitation costs

Following a serious accident or illness, you may require rehabilitation or specialised treatment to fully recover. Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance can include coverage for these expenses.

Icon for Additional expenses

Additional expenses

During recovery, you may incur extra costs, such as transportation to medical appointments, home modifications, or assistance with daily living activities. This insurance can provide funds to address these unexpected expenses.

Need to make a claim?

Don’t worry – we’re here to help. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth claims process.

1. Gather information

Collect your essential information, including your policy number, insurer’s name, and agent’s contact. Be ready to describe the incident type, damage or loss, how it occurred, any witness, and any additional documentation or photos if available.

2. File your claim

To file a claim, contact your insurer and provide your policy number. The claims adjuster may request more information or documents, and some insurers offer online claim forms for quick submission.

3. Review and negotiate the claim

Once you file your claim, the insurer will respond within ten business days. If approved, expect a settlement offer that may be lower than anticipated. If denied, they’ll provide a reason, and you can appeal with legal guidance. Keep all related documents for future reference, and if your claim is approved, move forward accordingly.

4. Get the payment

After settling, expect a payment from the insurance company. For inquiries or claim status updates, contact your insurer or broker. In exceptional cases, like catastrophes, the process may extend up to 12 months, but you can still inquire about your claim’s status.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance?

Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance is a type of coverage that provides financial support in the event of accidents or illness that prevents you from working.

Who should consider getting Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance?

This insurance is vital for anyone reliant on their income and seeking protection against unforeseen accidents or illnesses that could disrupt their ability to work. Whether you’re a working professional, self-employed, the sole breadwinner, a single parent, young adult, or in a high-risk occupation, this coverage offers financial security during challenging times, ensuring your financial stability remains intact when you need it most.

What does Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance cover?

It typically covers income replacement, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and additional expenses related to accidents or illnesses.

How does income replacement work with this insurance?

Income replacement provides a portion of your income when you are unable to work due to an accident or sickness, helping you maintain financial stability during recovery.

Are there any exclusions to Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance coverage?

Yes, this insurance typically covers medical bills, including hospital stays, doctor’s visits, and treatments related to the accident or illness.

Is Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance tax deductible?

In some cases, the premiums for this insurance may be tax-deductible. Consult with a tax advisor to understand the tax implications specific to your situation.

Can I have Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance in addition to other health insurance coverage?

Yes, you can have Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance alongside other health insurance coverage to enhance your overall protection.

Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance by GSK Insurance

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