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Agriculture forms a vital part of the Australian economy and we produce a range of products for both domestic and international use. While agriculture can undoubtedly be a profitable venture, it is also a precarious business which depends on a range of external factors for success. GSK Insurance Brokers can help take some of the uncertainty out with farm insurance which protects you financially against a range of risk exposures.

GSK’s expert team includes specialists who understand the realities of farming life who can guide you through the process of creating a risk-management strategy that’s optimised for the needs of your business. With the right insurance package in place through GSK, you can manage your farm with confidence.

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Must know info about Agriculture and Farm Insurance

The agriculture industry carries a unique set of risks and your success relies on factors such as optimal weather, favourable markets, and the judgement and expertise of farmers. With so many factors to consider when it comes to the success of your enterprise, it’s best to leave as little as possible to chance. GSK Insurance Brokers have extensive experience in developing customised farm and agriculture  insurance solutions depending on your needs. We understand that in an industry as diverse of yours, insurance needs to be flexible enough to cover your unique set of risks.

Who needs Agriculture and Farm Insurance?

Whether you run a small, family-owned farm or operate a large commercial operation, you are exposed to risks in the agriculture industry. In your line of work, there are a number of potential risk exposures including the loss of crops or livestock, damage to produce or lifestyle in transit, machinery breakdown, and damage to property or injury to a third party. Farm insurance is designed to protect your livelihood and ensures that your farm will continue to operate even in the event of the unexpected. If you’re not sure whether you have the right level of cover in place and you need an expert review, the GSK team can help.

What does Agriculture and Farm Insurance cover?

GSK Insurance Brokers offer a range of farm and agriculture policies which can be tailored according to your needs. Some of the common forms of cover we provide include:

  • Farm Pack
  • Crop Insurance
  • Livestock
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Workers Compensation
  • Personal Accident & Sickness
  • Transit Insurance
  • Farm Machinery
  • Home and contents
  • Cyber risks

What does Agriculture and Farm Insurance not cover?

The exclusions attached to your farm insurance will depend on your specific policy and the level of cover you require. For this reason, it’s important that you understand the cover limitations. Speak to your GSK broker for more information.

GSK Insurance Brokers offers personalised service to make the insurance process as simple as possible. We have unrivalled access to Australian insurance markets to arrange optimal cover. With decades of experience, the team at GSK are ready to support your and your farm.

For more information about farm insurance, speak with the GSK Insurance Brokers team today.

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