Premium Funding

Preserve your cash flow and spread insurance premium payments over time by paying in instalments

Premium funding provides a programme for insurance premiums to be paid on a monthly facility arrangement with a specialist premium funding companies.

This offers benefits such as:

  • Conserve your cash flow: Premium Funding allows you to eliminate an advance outlay of 100% cash, enabling you to spread payment over a period of time and utilise liquid funds for income generating activities.
  • Additional line of credit: Premium Funding acts as an additional line of credit as it does not interfere with your established financial arrangements and may even reduce your current line of credit.
  • No additional guarantees: No additional financial guarantees are required, as security is absorbed over the insurance policies and funding enables you to utilise assets for your other business interests.
  • Tax deductibility: In addition to commercial insurance premiums being tax deductible, so is the interest charged on Premium Funding.

We have relationships with a number of Premium Funding organisations to arrange competitive terms.

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