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Public Liability Insurance

Commercial Insurance For Your Startup: What Cover Do You Need?

Embarking on your own startup is an exciting time – you’re bringing something unique to the market and hopefully making a difference for your customers. Having the right insurance in place can offer ongoing peace of mind on your new business journey.  At GSK Insurance Brokers, we have significant experience in providing insurance for startups. With that in mind, we’re…

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What Isn’t Covered by Your Public Liability Insurance?

To ensure that your business is protected financially, it’s important to have a commercial insurance package which includes public liability insurance. Public liability insurance is an essential cover for almost all businesses and protects you financially if you cause damage to property or injury to a person as a result of your actions at work. However, there are certain scenarios…

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Common Exclusions With Your Public Liability Insurance Cover

When you ask most businesses what insurance cover they have in place, public liability insurance is generally at the top of the list. This cover protects you financially against third party claims if you cause damage or injury as a result of your actions at work. Of course, your liability insurance can’t cover everything and there are certain exclusions you…

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Common Public Liability Insurance Myths

If you run a business, chances are that you’ve heard of public liability insurance. Liability insurance protects you financially if you cause damage or injury to a third party as a result of your actions at work, and is an essential form of cover. Despite it being one of the most well-known forms of cover, there are still quite a…

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What You Need To Look For When Getting a Public Liability Insurance Quote

If you’re running a business, you’ve probably heard of public liability insurance and this is one of the most common forms of cover for Australian businesses. Public liability insurance protects your business from legal liability if a third party claims property damage or personal injury. Unfortunately, liability claims can be common which is why you need to make sure that…

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